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How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

Funding Your Body Art

The price of a tattoo depends on a few things including the tattoo shop you use. Every shop charges different prices. The price of a tattoo also can depend on how what type of tattoo you want and how intricate the design is. Contact a local tattoo shop to discuss the design you have in mind and they will definately be able to help you determine what the price of a tattoo would be.

Is it save to shave over a new tattoo?


Getting a tattoo doesn't stop hair from growing on the inked area of the skin. Shave around the tattoo until raised bumps, scabs and irritation are gone. This may take anywhere from 10 days to a month.

How can I remove hair without wax or chemicals?


With threading, cotton threads are rolled along the skin, catching the hair and pulling it out of the hair follicle. Afterwards there is some redness, but less skin damage than with other methods. Look for a salon that does threading in areas with large Middle Eastern or Indian communities.

Are tooth jewels safe?

Tooth Jewels

The trend of body decoration with crystal jewels has made it to your smile.. but is it safe?
Several companies offer tooth jewels that are glued on with dental adhesive.. the same glue used for braces. A few dentists offer tooth jewels. If you are considering this semi permanent type of body art, ask lots of questions about the type of glue that is being used and the quality of the materials.

Where can I find black henna?

Black Henna

Henna doesn't naturally come in black. A lot of hennas that claim to be black can give you an allergic reaction from an ingredient called PPD, or just results that aren't that great. If you want a tattoo look without the commitment, transfers or temporary body paints are a much better way to go.

Should I get a belly button piercing for prom?

Piercings for a Special Occasion

Lots of people get a piercing for a special occasion. Consider whether a fresh piercing will be sore or red when you show it off with that short top at a formal dance. If you're considering a belly button piercing for prom, plan ahead and give it the attention it needs to heal. You want people looking at your jewelry, not an infected piercing!

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