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Where should I put my henna design?

Where Do You Put a Henna Design?

Usually henna designs are done on the hands, feet, fingers, and tips of fingers. However, they can be beautiful on breasts, necks, or foreheads. It really depends on where you want the design.

Are tooth jewels safe?

Tooth Jewels

The trend of body decoration with crystal jewels has made it to your smile.. but is it safe?
Several companies offer tooth jewels that are glued on with dental adhesive.. the same glue used for braces. A few dentists offer tooth jewels. If you are considering this semi permanent type of body art, ask lots of questions about the type of glue that is being used and the quality of the materials.

Where can I find black henna?

Black Henna

Henna doesn't naturally come in black. A lot of hennas that claim to be black can give you an allergic reaction from an ingredient called PPD, or just results that aren't that great. If you want a tattoo look without the commitment, transfers or temporary body paints are a much better way to go.

How permanent is mehndi?

Permanance of Mehndi

Mehndi designs will last up to two or three weeks, if you got a really nice, rich color in the design to begin with. If your design didn't turn out very dark, it will last for less time.

Where else can I get jewels for the body to make my own designs?

Buy Jewels at the Fabric Store

You can go to your local fabric or crafts store and buy bags of jewels for body art. Some have holes in them, because they are designed for jewelry or sewing purposes, but many have no holes. You can get the same effect as the more pricey jewels being marketed as body jewels.

What are Henna and Mehndi designs?

What is Henna?

Henna or Mehndi designs are actually stains that are applied directly to the skin. The Henna paste sometimes comes in a powder form, which the artist mixes. Sometimes the paste is pre-mixed in a tube.The traditional color is usually a brownish-red,but there have been new colors added recently, including blues, blacks, and purple shades. Designs are usually intricate, and give the impression of a lace-like fabric laying on the skin.

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