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How long before my pierced ears heal?

How Long Before Ears Heal?

Ear-piercing usually takes about 6 weeks to heal, but if you leave the earrings out for a while, even after 6 weeks, the hole will close back up. To be on the safe side, wear earrings daily for more than 6 weeks, and be cautious when leaving earrings out for any length of time.

What are things to watch out for after a piercing?

Negative Aspects

Some piercings are more prone to infections. If you use a large gauge to pierce, you will have a large wound in your body that will need to heal. Tongues have nerves and taste buds that can be affected or even removed from the piercing. There is pain and a healing process. You are more prone to diseases after a piercing, because your body's immune system is being stressed.

Concerning piercings, what is acceptable in the business world?

Acceptance in the Business World

If you don't own the company, and you are trying to get in, start on the conservative side. Then, if the president is found to have five piercings, maybe you can show three. But a standard rule would be to limit it to two or three piercings in the ears for women, and one for men. Save the lips, nose, and eyebrow for after work.

How many piercings can I have and still not be radical?

How Many Is Appropriate?

Start on the modest side with piercings, and you can always add more. If you have many facial piercings,it could cause hiring discrimination. Maybe you want your piercings to be more personal, under clothing, so no one but you and whoever you reveal them to will know. It's an artistic choice, but go slow, because your choices are fairly permanent.

What should I do before getting pierced?


Before you have anything pierced, check out the studio. Go to a place where they specialize in body piercing. After the piercing, make sure you clean it at least twice a day. Do not use rubbing alcohol or peroxide, which will irritate the pierce. Only use sea salt which can be purchased at a drug store or a disinfectant suggested by the piercer.

Should I get a belly button piercing for prom?

Piercings for a Special Occasion

Lots of people get a piercing for a special occasion. Consider whether a fresh piercing will be sore or red when you show it off with that short top at a formal dance. If you're considering a belly button piercing for prom, plan ahead and give it the attention it needs to heal. You want people looking at your jewelry, not an infected piercing!

I´m looking for a body piercer. What should I look for?

Ask Questions

When you are contemplating a piercing, you want to protect yourself from infection. Ask about the sterilization methods for the piercer's needle and machinery. Ask how they will pierce. Ask about follow-up care, and make sure you have some good, anti-bacterial ointment.Tongue piercings need to be taken care of very carefully, since that is a muscle that you really need, so follow all directions.If you do get an infection, see a doctor.

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