Hair Coloring and Extensions Tips

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What color should my hair be to show the wild colors?

Wild Colors

If you want to change the color of your hair to a beautiful green or mauve, you must first remove the color that is there. Otherwise, you will get a muted color, or the color might not even take.

What is Hair mascara?

Hair Mascara?

Hair mascara comes in a tube that is similar to an eyelash mascara tube. It usually is in bright or metallic colors, and you apply it in streaks. It washes off when shampooing.

What are hair extensions?

Hair Extensions

You can add hair extensions, and create the illusion of fuller hair. Hair extensions can be in small sections added throughout the hair,a "fall" of hair usually attached at the top back, or pieces such as a bun or curls.

How can I give my hair a "fantasy look?"

Borrow from Nature

Weave natural elements like small branches, sea fans, moss or other materials into your hairstyle for an elaborate fairy look. Add glitter hair spray to set your look for a journey into another world.

Is Henna safe for my hair?

Henna for Hair

Though the henna red look is popular, be aware that some henna for hair powders are really intense, not the subtle "natural" look you might want.

What color hairsprays work the best?

Colored Hair Spray

Our favorite brands are Loftus and Brandel for colored hair spray. Lotfus consistently gives the best results, even though sometimes the colors are not as true as Brandel. Brandel cans may cover more heads, but the spray is wetter, and a little harder to manipulate.

Ok, I have some glitter. Now how do I get it to stick?

How do I get glitter to stick?

Glitter will stick to hair spray, so spray away, and then sprinkle glitter on. The fine, extra fine, or ultra fine glitter is best. Any bigger, and the chunkiness of the glitter sinks to your scalp and itches.

Is there such a thing as glitter in hair spray?

Glitter Hair Spray

You can find hair spray with glitter in it already, and just spray that on your hair. The cans come with gold, silver, and multicolor glitter, and sometimes more. Look in department stores, theatre supply houses, costume shops, Halloween supply stores.

How can I remove hair without wax or chemicals?


With threading, cotton threads are rolled along the skin, catching the hair and pulling it out of the hair follicle. Afterwards there is some redness, but less skin damage than with other methods. Look for a salon that does threading in areas with large Middle Eastern or Indian communities.

Should I shave my head?

Shaving it All

Hair grows slowly, sometimes a quarter inch a month, so if you decide to go bald, you will be bald for a while. There are baldcaps you can buy in theatre supply houses, so you could kind of get an idea of what you would look like. If you decide to try, be prepared for a slow process to grow it back.

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