Body Art Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get ideas for tattoos?

Concerning piercings, what is acceptable in the business world?

What number of piercings are unacceptable in the business world?

How long before my pierced ears heal?

Where can I get information on facepainting?

How can I look "brighter" on stage?

Can I realize a profit from my hobby?

Can face painting actually be a business?

Can I make money painting faces?

What color should my hair be to show the wild colors?

Do boys want monster designs when getting a facepainting?

How permanent is mehndi?

Is my new henna design going to last awhile?

Can I get permanent eye makeup?

Can I use Markers?

Have you heard of or used facepainting markers?

What can I use to accent my nails?

Do you have any design ideas?

Where can I find design ideas for facepainting?

What can I do to fix my dry, cracking hands and nails?

My nails and cuticles are cracking. What can I do?

What colors work well on different skin tones?

My nails are shredding. Did I do something wrong?

How should I file my nails?

Can I get a temporary tattoo?

How important is a base coat?

What is Hair mascara?

How would I give myself a facial at home?

How do I get my designs to look three-dimensional?

When I´m using glitter, what should it be in?

How long is the shelf life of my cosmetics?

Do you have any ideas for full faces?

What makes a good full face?

What kind of designs do the boys like?

What designs do boys like?

What kinds of designs do girls like?

What do girls want when they are choosing face painting designs?

What are airbrushed nails?

Are there any simple designs for the beginner?

What kind of choices should I have for boys?

What is a tribal?

What is branding?

How do I get a good outline?

How important is the outline?

Does a design need an outline?

What are those big hole earrings called?

Why does my tattoo look dull all of a sudden?

What tool can I use to apply glitter?

What are hair extensions?

What color polishes should I have to do nail art?

What tools do I need for fingernail art?

Are all temporary tattoos the same?

How do I apply a temporary tattoo?

What are implants?

What kind of body modifications can I choose from?

Where else can I get jewels for the body to make my own designs?

Do I need to worry about infections?

Are there more creative temporary tattoos than those decals?

What´s a hot tip for good full face designs?

How can I get my full faces to look--more full?

What´s a good thing to start with for body modification?

How do I remove theatre makeup?

How can I remove hair without wax or chemicals?

What is threading

I´m looking for a body piercer. What should I look for?

Can you personalize a temporary tattoo?

What are some unique ways to decorate nails?

What should I do before getting pierced?

What do you think of facepainting with crayons?

How can I customize a design?

Where should I put my henna design?

What are things to watch out for after a piercing?

Where do henna designs go?

Is it save to shave over a new tattoo?

Are there wild hair colors that are not permanent?

Are there any colored hair products that just wash out?

Is nail biting an addiction or just a bad habit?

What do I do with my fresh tattoo?

What color hairsprays work the best?

After I get a tattoo, what should I protect it with?

Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

What happens after I get a tattoo?

Should I shave my head?

What are the pros and cons to shaving my head?

What are Henna and Mehndi designs?

I just got a tattoo. Now what do I do for it?

Are tooth jewels safe?

How many piercings can I have and still not be radical?

How many piercings are appropriate?

At what point do piercings become inappropriate?

How should I apply glitter to a design?

How do I use glitter?

When face painting, how should I apply glitter?

Do I always use black to outline a design?

What colors can I use to outline my designs?

I´ve made a mistake when applying makeup. Can I fix it easily?

Should I get a belly button piercing for prom?

How much does it cost for a face painting design?

What supplies do I need for facepainting?

How young is too young when facepainting?

How young can I face paint kids?

How young should my clients be?

Is there such a thing as glitter in hair spray?

Is Henna safe for my hair?

How do I care for my month-old tattoo?

My tattoo is now a month old. What do I do with it?

When doing characters, how can I make somebody look old?

What´s the difference between oil-based and water-based makeup?

What kind of artificial fingernails are there?

What kinds of paints are used for face painting?

What should I use when I´m facepainting?

What makeup should I use when I´m facepainting?

When it comes to fingernails, how long is too long?

What kind of glitter should I use?

Can I mix brands when facepainting?

What kind of glitter should I purchase for face painting?

Are there any danger areas when face painting?

Can I hurt somebody or damage their skin face painting?

What is nail oil?

How do I start a design?

Do I outline first or put color down first when facepainting?

What is flash?

How do I know I really want a tattoo?

What would be the benefits or the disadvantages to mixing brands?

When facepainting, what colors should I put on first?

Are there French Manicure kits?

What is considered glam makeup?

Is there a temporary tattoo that I can put on?

How can I soften the look of my eyeliner?

How fast do nails grow?

Why does my manicure look unprofessional?

How do I quit picking at my nails?

Ok, I have some glitter. Now how do I get it to stick?

How can I get glitter to stick to my design?

How long will it be before my piercing is healed?

What about water when facepainting? Do I bring it?

Should I bring my own water?

What is the difference between oil and water-based makeup?

How do I learn how to apply theatre makeup?

What does "setting the makeup" mean?

Can I sleep in my makeup?

Do you use a different product for outlining?

What length should I keep my nails?

What fingernail length is fashionable?

When doing an outline, what should I use?

What do I need to do before I get a tattoo?

Can I use polish even if I bite my nails?

How long should a manicure last?

What´s a French Manicure?

Where can I find black henna?

How can I give my hair a "fantasy look?"

What should I start with for my makeup regime?

How do I fix a broken nail so it will match the other nine?

How important is a toner?

How do I stop my lipstick from spreading all over my face?

How do I keep my lipstick from bleeding?

How long do I let nail polish dry before I can do things?

How much does a manicure cost?


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How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

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