Ear Plugs

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What are those big hole earrings called?

Ear Plugs

Round ear plugs, sometimes made of rubber, plastic, jewels, are used for stretching out the holes in earlobes. It starts with a large gauge piercing, then a gradual process of stretching the earlobe, using bigger plugs every two months or so. Once the size is where the individual wants, jewelry is used.



2/18/2008 3:06:23 PM
Anonymous said:

first of...never use rubber or plastic in the ears....secondly....you dont need to start with large guages...you can start with a regular ear piercing....and you dont want to just use larger plugs all the time...use a taper to gradually(and safely) stretch the "healed" piercing...another alternative to this would be to use weights, in wich case you want to add weight to your ears, start off with a little, and gradually increase......but no matter how your going to "guage" your ears, make sure you educate yourself before starting....


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