Permanance of Mehndi

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How permanent is mehndi?

Permanance of Mehndi

Mehndi designs will last up to two or three weeks, if you got a really nice, rich color in the design to begin with. If your design didn't turn out very dark, it will last for less time.



1/12/2009 3:41:25 PM
Carol Ann Ali said:

I use henna all of the time. I was given a great tip by one of my Pakistani friends to bring out the color of henna and to increase the length of time before it fades away. Once you rinse the dried henna off, briefly mix a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of oil (any kind) together and rub on your tattoo for a couple of minutes, then rinse. (Note: the mixture will feel gritty.) You will be able to see the difference right away.


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