Airbrushed Nails

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What are airbrushed nails?

Airbrushed Nails

You can get artificial nails applied with airbrush designs on them, have airbrush designs added to your artificial nails, or have airbrush designs applied to your own nails. Airbrush designs are basically the same artistic technique used in decorating cars or tee-shirts. The brush that applies the paint is controlled with a little air compressor and the air compressor pushes the paint out in a mist, that then is controlled by various tips to get different effects. Stencils are sometimes used.



9/11/2006 6:23:32 PM
Kimberly Marshall said:

Need to know if Harley Davidson logo/bar and shield can be air-brushed on toes for pedicure, getting married on 9/16/06 and wanted to have it done for wedding


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