Biting Nails-- Addiction or Habit?

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Is nail biting an addiction or just a bad habit?

Biting Nails-- Addiction or Habit?

Biting nails is not an addiction--you will not suffer withdrawal symptoms if you quit. It's more of an obsessive/compulsive behavior. For instance, if the nail starts to shred, the nail biter usually can't leave that nail alone until the shredding part is gone. If a hangnail starts, the nail biter will keep picking at it. A non-nail biter will just fix the problem.



2/12/2007 6:07:28 PM
natalie said:

50% true. Not only will we (nail biters) rip it to shreds but move onto our surrounding skin to our finger tips, to our knuckles and even some.. their toes. like some people get their stress reief from smoking or cutting their wrists. nail biting is ours.

10/8/2007 2:34:00 AM
Kirsty said:

Im was a total biter, but i've quit the habit and loving my newly long nails.


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