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What do girls want when they are choosing face painting designs?

Ideas for Girls

Girls like flowers of all kinds. Cat faces are popular,as are fun choker designs, rainbows and hearts, unicorns, fairy princesses, and glitter.

Do boys want monster designs when getting a facepainting?


Boys love monsters and aliens, scary clowns, Pokemon characters,and fire-breathing dragons. For a dragon, have flames shooting across their cheek to the other side of the kid's face. You may add glitter to the dragon fins and flames, although most the time boys don't want glitter.

What designs do boys like?

Boys Like Scary!

Try these face painting designs for boys: pirate, deluxe sword, spiders in webs, scorpions, Batman and variations, vampires, scars and blood, a third eye, skulls and crossbones, fire-breathing dragons, dinosaurs, and sports items such as baseballs and gloves, hockey sticks, and sports team logos.

Are there any simple designs for the beginner?

Simple Boy Designs

Try simple designs when you start out, and practice with paper and markers, or on volunteers. Simple boy designs include: smiley face, peace sign, cloud with raindrops, lightning bolt, fangs,bloody scar, mustache and beard. Look at stickers for inspiration.

What kind of choices should I have for boys?

Simple Designs for the Impatient

Boys seem to be more impatient than girls, but occasionally you will get an impatient girl. Try to steer them towards the simpler designs, which you can do quickly. Make the design a little bigger than usual, so it seems like they got a lot for their choice.

What kinds of designs do girls like?

Cat Designs

Girls and women are attracted to cat face designs. Try a fantasy cat,pink or purple or blue, with lots of glitter. You should have a tiger, maybe a leopard face, and some cats that look like they came from the Broadway show.

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