Face Painting Crayons

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What do you think of facepainting with crayons?

Face Painting Crayons

If you like the feel of a crayon for face painting,make sure they are for the face. They usually work by dipping one end in water and applying the color. You will get big bold color lines, but not much detail, and the designs look child-like. To help refine, use a detail brush, dip it in water, and load up on color from the crayon, then apply it to the skin from the brush, not the crayon.



9/2/2006 4:03:47 PM
lilli said:

we used face painting crayons but broke them up into pieces to dissolve into individual film containers. they would then dry into cakes. that way we could use a brush with them and when we were done at the end of face painting gig, we could close them up water tight with the lid. we would air them out at home to dry up.

8/6/2007 1:31:58 PM
angie said:

that's a great idea, lilli.


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